Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bring on the Noise!!! NFL Picks

Wash at Atlanta

I know I know the Skins lose.........Not really, I've been through a very similar situation. Ownership came downstairs and told us it's gut check time. Meaning, if you don't want to play here, QUIT!! If not, then go out there and play your tail off. Dan Snyder has made that same rallying cry. Your right, Jim Zorn is no longer the head coach. Corneilus Griffin, London Fletcher, Albert Haynesworth, and Antwan Randle El are the new Head Coaches. Sounds crazy, but they will get this team going and will beat the Falcons. Skins Win

Arizona at Chicago

Chicago is already in a must win situation. They realize that they aren't just competing against Green Bay and the Vikings for a playoff spot. The NFC will be deep this year with the reemergence of San Fran. Arizona just came off a terrible game losing to the awful Panthers. Their defense has been exposed as fraud, and Cutler and the Bears should find plenty of holes to make plays against them. Bears win

Hou at Ind

Matt Schuab and the Texans have been playing very well. They are stopping people on D and Schuab has been ballin on offense. PROBLEM: Theeerrree Heeerrreee!!! The undefeated Colts that has an offense that's as potent as ever and a defense that knows how to create pressure. Colts win

Baltimore at Cincy

Bmore had a big win against an undefeated Bronco team. They destroyed there offense,, and completely shredded Denver's D. The Ravens and the Bengals run the ball well and play good D. This game comes down to QB play and Palmer still has an edge over Flacco. Begals win

KC at Jacksonville

I'ts written on the wall. The Jags are on their way out of Jacksonville, they are having their 4th blackout already this season. KC should be "blacked out" of the league because of their less than stellar play. p.s. Give MJD the DARN ball!!!!! Jags win

GB at TB

Tampa needs to continue to get better and make positive strides each game. GB needs to keep Aaron Rodgers upright. GB wins

Mia at NE

Is Miami for real? Not win it comes down to playing NE. Miami won't be able to score enough points to keep up with Brady Ball. NE wins

Car at NO

Will NO go undefeated? No, but they will blowout an one dimensional Panther team. Steve Smith scored last week so he's better now, but imagine Jake Delhomme having to throw the ball 35-40 times in a game....... He'll have to and that's why they'll lose. NO wins

Det at Seattle

Another 2 bad teams that have to play. But, we all know that Detroit's the worst. Seattle wins

Ten at San Fran

Ten has the idea finally, give the ball to Johnson and move out of his way. Vince Young will continue to improve as long as the running game can be counted on. SF has a great team but they rely on the tight end far to much. Tenn will step on D to help themselves steal a win in San Fran. Tenn wins


The Giants are on a 2 game losing streak that has been both a defensive and offensive problem. Big Blue got to get it together. They need to rush for 200 yards and take the ball away on D. SD provides a better matchup for Big Blue because they lack the offensive explosiveness the Gants have seen the past 2 games. Giants win

Dallas at Philly

They are frauds. They have a make shift group of wide outs that are beating up on bad secondaries. They have a #1 rec complaining that the QB won't throw him the ball properly. Who are we? The cowboys, america's ex-team. Philly wins

Pitt at Denver

Ex undefeated Broncos on a losing streak. Say it ain't so.....It is...Pitt will beat the Broncos up and down the field. Broncos won't make the playoffs. Pitt wins.


CyberJoker said...

ok...the giants are on a THREE game losing streak...not through in that the panthers were awful in your arizona-chicago pick,just testing me to see if I read the whole thing and didnt just scroll down to the panthers pick,panthers will lose 35-24 at NO,but for the home game will hold NO to 21 points or less..WATCH..the falcons wont lose to wash...and denver will make the playoffs because SD wont be able to catch them in the division,they'll lose their first game,but they'll be there..everything else you said was pretty dead on..

CyberJoker said...

ok...SO I TOLD YOU that wash wouldnt beat ATL..also..tampa beat GB..the bears lost to zona..and carolina is up 14-0 at NO halfway through the first..will still probably lose..but uhh..YEA...