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Thursday, November 26, 2009

NFL Quick Picks

GB at Det
GB in a slaughter.

Dallas at Oak

Dallas to strong for Oak.

NYG at Den

RB injuries and inconsistency at QB will help Denver beat the Giants.

Raheem Moriss grace period is over.....Falcons need a win they get it against a terrible TB team.

Mia at Buf
I like T.O and Bufalo against Mia.

Wash at Phi
McNabb and Philly cruise against Wash.

Sea at STL
STL will win because of the Jackson's running.

Car at Jets
Always bet against jake. Jets win.

Cle at Cincy
Upset. Browns win because of a Cincy letdown.

Ind at Hou

Houston's not ready for mannings passing attack. Colts win

KC at SD
Sd has taken control of the AFC and won't relinquish it. SD wins.

Jac at SF
Singletary will rally the troops for a win at home.

Chi at Minn

Cutler knows he has to play his best game of the season tho prove to the Bears faithful they made the right choice. Bears win.

Ari at Tenn
Vince Young streak ends. He won't be able to match Zona's potent offense.

Pitt at Bal
Bal needs this game more and they'll win because of it.

NE at NO
NE wins because they're NE.

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