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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Physical ! Physical! Physical!! NFL Picks

Mia at Carolina

The Panthers are coming in as usual with a strong running game and a tough D. Mia has struggled in the passing game on offense and D because of a young secondary. Can Delhomme expose the sencondary. Miami has lost Ronnie Brown but have gained something even better, Pat White. White will demand more touches throughout the ball game because he will give the Dolphins a look no one has seen since Vick in Atlanta. Miami wins.

Ind at Baltimore

The Colts have been on fire this season. They have been kept in check mostly because of their competeition. There won't be a let down this week either because they will tear up an unusual week B-More D. Colts win

Wash at Dallas

Washington is struggling on offense. And it's november, Dallas has played well during this month and nothing will change with the Skins coming to town. Dallas wins.

Cle at Det

Who cares? Browns Browns ..... okay here's the coin flip.....Browns win!!

SF at GB

Sf has turned into pretenders. After physically dominating the Vikings in Minn, they have struggled on D since. Offensively they continue to make strides but they need better play out of their D. GB will win, but when will Rodgers not get up from one of those sacks. Come on O-Line. GB wins

Buf at Jac

Buffalo just fired Dick Jaron this week. T.O got him fired. Just kidding. Buffalo's bad and they'll lose. MJD keep ballin man. Jags win.

Pitt at KC

Pitt will dominate a terrible KC team. The organization really needs to take a look at itself from the top down. Pitt wins

Sea at Min

2 easy weeks in a row... I smell a let up. I don't know how but Seattle wins

Atl at NYG

The Giants are in win or pack it up mode. Atl will be lacking their entire offense in Michael Turner. This will give Big Blue what they needed. Giants win.

NO at TB

Drew Brees is great.....Tampa's terrible......NO wins

Ari at STL

Fantasy folks, this is your week to pick up Fitzgerald,Bolden and Warner. They will go off this week. Expect huge numbers. Zona wins.

SD at Den

Bronco's I don't believe. SD will take their rightful place at the top of the division after this game. Denver has been exposed and Orton won't be able to fix the hole. It's going to be a rough year from her on out.


Sanchez has realized it's not college anymore. Were finding out he wasn't special after all.He'll be fine next year. But that's next year. They'll be beat a lot in the meantime. NE wins

Cin at Oak

Finally Cincy gets a break. They have the Raiders coming in. Let's see if Larry Johnson still has it. Cincy wins

Philly at Chicago

Both teams need this win badly. McNabb needs to put up more points because the front seven of Philly's D has under performed. The Bears D needs to create more turnovers because Cutler keeps turning the ball over. Philly wins

Ten at Hou

Vince Young is on a 3 game win streak. Not because of his stellar play but because of Chris Johnson and his league leading 110 yards. Tenn wins.

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