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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Showtime Saturday!! College Picks

West Virginia at Cincy

Tony Pikes down again. The Bear-Cats have there first really tough opponent. Calloras will really have to play well this week to give Cincy a chance to win. WVU has it's own set of issues. RB Noel Devine is questionable for this game. He is accountable for most of the Mountaineers offense as a runner and through the screen game. But, Cincy will win because the WVU defense will give up enough points to give the game away. 38-24 Cincy

Florida at South Carolina

If U AINT a GATOR UR GATOR BAIT. This one won't be close, the Gators have just hit their National Championship stride. 41-13 Gators

Stanford at USC

If Stanford was playing at home , this would've been an upset alert. Pete Carroll normally takes 2 seasons to lose 2 games. It won't be a third. USC 28-17

****Upset Alert****
Georgia Tech at Duke

The #1 rushing offense is coming into Wallace Wade Stadium. That spells disaster for a Duke team whose defense has been its achilles heal all year. Thad Lewis needs to have a huge game for Duke to have a chance to win. This game will be closer than expected with Duke edging out an historic victory. 38-31 Duke

Bama at Miss ST

Bama is playing well. Nick Saban has his team hittin on all cylinders. They must continue in order to be ready for Florida in the National.....sorry, I mean the SEC Championship. 30-10 Bama

Notre Dame at Pitt

Are you kidding me... Charlie Wiess haas given Wandstat bullentine board material. He said, all you have to do to get over a Navy lost is to go out and beat a top 12 ranked team. Sorry Charlie, Pitt's tougher, more disciplined,

Texas at Baylor

Baylor has struggled all year. It doesn't get any easier for them playing in the Big 12. Up next.... Texas. Colt McCoy will move up in the Heisman line with this performance. 52-3 Texas
Temple at Akron

Akron is terrible. But, wait....wait.....Temple is ballin. They are bowl elgible already and beat Navy who dominated Notre Dame. Temple will win this one in a blowout. 31-10 Owls

Houston at UCF

Case Keenum should be a front runner for the Heisman. 5 games of over 400 yards and 28 TD's, case closed. He'll continue his dominance against a pass deficient UCF ball club. 48-28 Houston

Indiana at Penn St

Penn St has been a h disappointment this year. The whispers of JoePa's retirement will get louder if they drop a game to Indiana. IU has been a play or 2 away from a lot of games this year. The problem is they've gotten used to it. IU will lose. 28-20 Penn ST

Mich at Wisconsin

The Wolverines have been exciting on offense but haven't had the wins to match. The Mich faithful are starting to rumble Rich Rod might not be the right guy. The AD had to come out late this week and give the coach his support. This won't work, the fans will call for Rich Rod's head at the end of 2 back to back losing seasons. 28-27 Wisconsin

UT at Miss

Miss has been a huge disappointment this year. QB Snead has under achieved and draft stock has continuously plummeted all year. The best D in the SEC is coming to town. UT amidst its recent run inn with the law will be hungry and ready to play. Kiffin must learn to bite his tongue from now on. He knows he only recruits NFL talent and not scholar athletes. Hey Lane, you get what you pay for. 20-10 UT

Clemson at NCSTATE

Russell Wilson has been on fire all year. The problem is his defense gives up as many points as he can score. Clemson will surely be able to put up big numbers behind CJ Spiller. This will be a high scoring dramatic game early, but Clemson's defense will settle down and dominate. 35-24 CU

FSU at Wake

Christian Ponder is hurt. FSU defense is terrible. Riley Skinner is playing. Wake wins. 34-28 Wake

Northwestern at Illinois

NW just upset an undefeated overrated Iowa team. They will now lose to a horrible Illinois team. The Big 10 stinks. 24-20 Ill

VTech at Maryland

VTech has to have a few things happen in order for them to get back in the ACC championship hunt. Mainly they have to win out. 38-3 VTech

Auburn at Georgia

It's official..Georgia may lose the last 3 ames of the season. If this happens. Mark Risch will be looking for a new coaching job. AUburn will win...not because they're better. But, just because Georgia's a very bad coached team right now. 34-31 Auburn

Syracuse at Louisville

Comeback player of the year..... Greg Paulus. He's had a great year considering the last time he played QB was 5 years ago. I really believe he would of been drafted had he played for four years. All this about Paulus but......the Orangemen are bad. They'll lose. 23-12 Louisville

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