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Friday, November 13, 2009

This is the NFL!!! Weekly Picks

Atl at Carolina

Atlanta had a huge win last week. Their running game has carried them this entire year. Ryan will be asked to win this game and he needs to be ready for it. Carolina, led by Jake Delhomme will need a serious running game in order to have a chance to win. Atl wins

TB at Mia

Tampa won last week with a rookie QB. Reality will set in this week, and they will lose. Mia wins

Det at Minnesota

The Lions are in trouble this week. They'll be wishing next season was here after this thrashing. Vikings win

Jac at NYJ

The Jags and Jets are very similar teams. They both have good running games and a good defense. MJD will finally get 20+ carries and this should give the Jags the edge over the struggling Sanchez. Jags win

Cincy at Pitt

Cincy is the biggest suprise of the NFL. TJ who? The Bengals now have one of the best RB's in football, Cedric Benson. Sometimes a second chance pays off.The problem is, Pitts coming to town. The stellar play of Big Ben and the Steeler D will be to much. Pitt wins


What is this, a bad joke????? NO wins!!!

Buf at Tenn

Buffalo has struggled. Tenn is on a 2 game win streak. I like Vince Young and the new found Tenn D. Tenn wins.

Den at Wash
Wash was a play or 2 away last week. Denver's team is a fraud. Do you remember how Mike Shannahan would have great regular season play. Washington, is starving for a win. They'll get it.

KC at Oak

The worst of the worst are matched up. KC needs to start all over again. They haven't been any good since Joe Montana left.The raiders are bad, but they will beat KC.

Sea at Arizona

Seattle's getting better. Arizona has been inconsistent. Anquan Bolden's back..... add all this up. Zona wins.

Dallas at GB

I don't ..I won't... I can't believe in Tony Romo. Green Bay has to bounce back. GB wins..

Philly at SD

The Chargers had a huge win against Big Blue last week. Problem is,the Giants are a bad team. Philly on the other hand is a good team. Philly wins.


This game boils down to who wants it more. Both teams have to make a playoff run for home field advantage. Look for the winner to be in the Super Bowl.

Bal at Cle

Baltimore's D will dominate the Browns. Mangini is about to lose 2 jobs in less than a year. Ravens win.

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