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Friday, October 1, 2010

Hit or Be Hit Saturday!!!

Florida @ Bama

Bama showed the nation last week why they are the #1 team in the country. After being down the entire game. The made a play on defense and marched the ball methodically down the field for the game winning touchdown. Yes, their weakness "WAS" on the defense in their secondary. Not anymore, this was a unit that made play after play against Ryan Mallet and Arkansas powerful offense.

The Gators have been a team that has had to train new stars while collectively winning as a team. In a supposedly down year, they have yet to have a close game. Bama will be their first test this season. The Gators will lose a close one because of the "Hit or be Hit" nature of Bama's offense. The Gators won't be able to stop the run. 20-13 Bama

Stanford @ Oregon

One must marvel at the great job Stanford coaching staff is doing. They are a very good team that just goes out every Saturday and never beats themselves. They are led by a high powered offense with Andrew Luck in the drivers seat, but their o-line and wide-outs are overlooked. 9 guys have at least 3 receptions. Defensively they have been lights out and have made play after play.

Oregon has had the most explosive offense in college football. If you blink your eye, they've scored 6 on you. This is a team that's averaging 60pts per game. They have weapons all over the field on offense and Chip Kelly uses them with great skill. Defensively there 4th in the country in points allowed. Not because they're so dominante. But they force you to have to run every play trying to score because of they're potent offense. This plays right into they're blitzing packages.Oregon wins behind a high powered offense. 52-42 Ducks

Penn St @ Iowa

These are two evenly matched teams. Neither as good as they were last year. Iowa hasn't really played anyone and lost one of those games to Arizona. Penn St hasn't played well on offense but they did keep #1 Alabama to 24 pts on the road. Because their is still so much that we don't know about either team. I'll have to give the edge to Penn St because of the tougher schedule. 17-13 Penn St

Texas @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma has played 3 out of their first 4 games very very close. Texas loss to UCLA was awful. They loss to a team who is mediocre Pac-10 ball club. These are not our fathers Oklohoma vs Texas matchups with National Championship ramifications at the end of the contest. This game will be ugly on both sides but will be won by an undefeated Oklahoma team that has learned how to win close ball games. 45-38 Sooners

Miami @Clemson

Can Clemson avoid the normal seasonal lapse. Kyle Parker has played much better than expected and will have to have a good performance against the canes. The receiver situation has been settled....Clemson doesn't have any. They have a good tight end. The problem with this is you don't score points when your TE is your leading receiver.

The Canes have been good except for the Ohio State game. They are still one of the best teams in the country. They have finally got there defense together and have played well all year. Jacory Harris will have a huge game this week. 48-17 Canes

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