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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1st Quarter NFL Grades

NFL games aren't the only things broken into four quarters. NFL coaches also break up their seasons into four quarters. So let's grade them:
AFC East
NYJ:3-1 The Jets have done a tremendous job of coddling Mark Sanchez while giving the offensive driving seat to LT, who ranks 7th in the league in rushing. A-
NE: 3-1 The Brady bunch have had to find other ways to win because of a horrible defense. The special teams unit will have to continue their exceptional play to keep NE in the hunt. B-
MIA:2-2 The no-name crew has played very hard every game. Brandon Marshall will make sure the Dolphins are a factor in this playoff push.B-
BUF:0-4 Hope you chopped plenty of wood for the fireplace, it's going to be a long winter. F-
B-MO: 3-1 The Ravens have shown they are ready for a Superbowl run. Continued improvement from Joe Flacco is the key. A
PITT: 3-1 The Steeler's have taken an embarrassing off-season and had a great early start. Rashard Mendenhall is really coming of age. A
CINCY:2-2 Bengals have the weapons. Carson Palmer needs to step up his game. C-
CLE:1-3 Say it ' so...Lebron is really gone!!!! F-
HOUSTON-3-1 Texans have shocked of the NFL. Not because they're winning, but because of how they win.They lead the league in rushing yards per game. A
JAC- 2-2 So long Jags...The city won't support you, and your just plain BORING. C-
INDY 2-2 Say it ain't so. Indy's not 4-0. Manning will work his magic and get them back on track. D
TENN - 2-2 Leave Vince Young alone. Either let him be the QB or trade him. C-
KC- 3-0 The Chiefs have truly been the surprise of the league. The have won with defense and discipline football. B
SAN DIEGO-2-2 Rivers complete to Antonio Gates is redundant. Rivers needs another weapon. C
DENVER-2-2 Kyle Orton has thrown Denver into the race with the #1 passing attack in the NFL. C
OAKLAND-1 -3 Yes...Al Davis is still in charge. Darren McFadden has become a factor back in the NFL. D
Washington- 2-2 Shanahan's doing it again. Took over an awful team, made one trade and has his team in position for a division title. Defense needs to improve. B-
NYG- 2-2 The Giants are playing bad. They can't get both all three phases offense, defense and special teams to play together. C-
PHILLY- 2-2 They get two grades.. With Vick B+ Without Vick C-
DALLAS- 1-2 You made a decision, Romo's your guy. Quit blaming everyone else. Deal with it! D
CHICAGO 3-1 We all thought they were real until Monday night against the Giants. They're frauds. B-
GREEN BAY -3-1 The Packers are for real and are finally keeping Aaron Rodgers upright. Here comes the Superbowl run. B+
MINNESOTA - Theerree Baaaaccckkk...Randy Moss catapults them back into the Superbowl race. C
DETROIT- 0-4 Bless they heart.... C- (They are improving)
Atlanta Falcons-3-1 The Falcons have played lights out football. They have a very solid football team. B+
New Orleans- 3-1 The Saints haven't shown the same offensive dominance that led their team last season. Also the defense hasn't created enough turnovers to give the offense more opportunities to score. B-
Tampa Bay - 2-1 Tampa is rebuilding and doing a good job at it. Look for them to start to slide as their schedule begins to toughen. C-
Carolina Panthers 0-4 Head Coach John Fox may not make it through the season. D-
ARIZONA-2-2 Not the same team without Kurt Warner. C
ST. LOUIS-2-2 Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson Rams back to respectability. C+
SEATTLE-2-2 If Pete Carroll is able to create a running game behind newly acquired Marshawn Lynch, he may be able to win this division. C+
SAN FRANCISCO-0-4 Mike Singletary needs to learn how to relate to his new school players. Old school doesn't work anymore. F

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