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Friday, October 1, 2010

NFL Week 4 Picks!!

NYJ @ Buf

The Jets finally gets a "gimmie game". This is when the maturity of a team is shown. We will find out more about the Jets in a game like this than a tougher one. LT continues to provide much needed leadership to an identity-less offense. But the team maturity level just doesn't seem to be in order. They are more concerned with how the project themselves being a big tough team than actually being one. Buffalo gave a valiant effort against the Pats sparked by a CJ Spiller sighting in the return game. Buffalo wins


The double O project as in Ochocinco and Owens continues to throw tomatoes in the face of all the haters that didn't think they could get it done. They are 2nd in arguably the toughest division in football. They will continue hold on the their #2 spot in the division. Cleveland...Bless their heart..Cincy Wins

The defenses are a wash. This game boils down to Batch vs Flacco...You have to give the old fella the nod. Charlie batch has played out of his mind and he doesn't even have to. The Steeler's offense has been as strong as there D and that spells disaster for all of their opponents. To bad RayRay didn't get the memo in B-MO. Joe Flacco will have a outstanding game because he's finally figured out he needs to throw the ball to Anquan Boldin. B-Mo wins


Brandon Lloyd's an absolute beast, and ...and...and....Okay, Okay that's where it ends. You cannot get rid of one of the best players in the NFL and still win. Tenn needs to leave Vince Young alone if he's going to ever be their future. Jeff, if you haven't noticed the future is now. Between not handing over the team to Young and not signing Chris Johnson to the most lucrative RB deal in the league is preposterous. Tenn Wins


Detroit 's still Detroit. I don't care that they're playing better. They are still losing. GB if you want to make a Superbowl run, you have to protect Rodgers. GB Wins


After a huge win for the Falcons last week, which team will show up now. Matt Ryan is back in the saddle as the QB of the future. Atlanta has played well every week even in week 1 9-15 loss to Pittsburgh. SF is in turmoil and Singletary seems to be a bit too militant. Today's players don't respond well to this attitude ask Tom Coughlin. ATL wins


The Panthers are trying to get John Fox fired as head coach. It's not his fault though. He's playing without a solid QB or a group of receivers. Not one single big name on defense and know real veteran leadership. New Orleans will role. NO wins

Seattle and the Rams are trying to separate themselves as viable playoff teams. There not, but someone has to win this game. I like the Rams behind an efficient Sam Bradford and a gritty Stephen Jackson. Rams Win


18 is back to his winning ways. He keeps showing the league that he can put me and you at receiver and still win games as long as we can catch. He took a practice squad guy last week and made him look like an all-pro. The Jags have too many issues. Indy wins this easily.

Darren Mcfadden has been the offense of the Raiders. Houston is better than the Raiders at just about every single category. This is why they should win. Houston Wins


The Vick experience performs for the first time at home. He has been electrifying on a team that wasn't a good ball club. He has risen them from the cellar of their division into the drivers seat. #5 in Washington usually performs very well when the spotlight is on him and it will definitely be there because of the storyline involved. I like 5...Washington Wins


Both of these teams have looked bad during this early season. Both both still have a chance to win there division and make a playoff run. SD has a better nucleus so I'll give them the nod. SD wins


The Giants look bad everywhere except int he passing game. The Bears are beginning to believe in themselves. One team moving up and another team slowly beginning to spin out of control. Bears Win


By virtue of playing in a very tough division the dolphins will be on a 2 game skid. This division may get 3 teams into the playoffs. Pats Win

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