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Thursday, October 28, 2010

You Are the weakest link...Goodbye.

These coaches need to win or else...
#1 Brad Childress/Farve... You tell me a Coach that has to make a "decision" if his player will playing with a broken ankle. This is football not the Chess club, you need two functioning ankles. This tells me it's not his decision, Bret Farve's the associate head coach. Farve and Childress should also be on the hot seat because there's just to much talent for them not be leading their division.

#2 Wade Phillips... I know, I know, Jerry Jones is really the coach. But, somebody has to take the fall and that's Wade Phillips. Dallas has been atrocious. In a year that Jerry Jones thought he'd be hosting and playing in the Superbowl, he'll only be involved in hosting Superbowl parties.

#3 Josh McDaniels.... A young Billichek he was said to be. He even sported the sweatshirt and all. That's where the comparisons end. In his first two years as head coach, he ran off his best two players. One of which is one of the best wide-outs in the game. Then he brings in Brady Quinn, and drafts Tim Tebow in the first round when Kyle Orton is the top three players on your team. ????

#4 Mike Singletary... He has completely destroyed the lines of comunication with his team. Instead of leading by motivation, he leads by fear. In a league where the guys no they can play elsewhere, this just never works. I was with Mike until he dropped his pants during a halftime rant against Seattle. After that he was on his own. Unless he was trying to teach a pole dancing class to aspiring dancers or practicing to reduce stage fright for his next career, either way, his team didn't get the point.

#5Marvin Lewis...How has Marvin dodged the bullet for so long? Maybe the organization realizes that Carson Palmer is overrated. Maybe Cincy organization and it's fans are just so happy they' aren't cellar dwellers anymore. Lewis just can't find a way to keep his team focused long enough to make a run.

#6 John Fox....John Fox made the Panthers relevant contenders during his tenure. But management just wasn't on the same page. They gave Jake Delhomme a new lucrative deal after leading the NFL in interceptions. They have been wrong on every Steve Smith replacement. Then they go to Matt Moore to lead their team this year. Fox is a good coach that needs a better situation.

#7 Norv Turner... San Diego knew what they were getting from a coach like Turner. A team manager. Now they don't have much talent to manage anymore. I blame the Chargers, not Norv Turner.

#Jack Delrio...Your Not Winning. Games are being blacked out. Time for a change.

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