Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show me the Money!!!

Agents have paid prospective NFL collegiate athletes since being a NFL player became lucrative. Agents have a vested interest in gaining employment from NFL player's. Why? Agents usually get 3% of whatever they help negotiate, contract and/or endorsements. For example, Chad Speck, the agent of Albert Haynesworth, who received a monumental $100 million contract, will get $3 million for his services. This makes the agent recruiting job ultra competitive. To gain the upper hand agents make promises and pay athletes. They use runners (paid staff), coaches, parents, teammates and anyone else close to the athlete they want. Athlete's learn this game quickly from past teammates and the agents themselves. These athletes are vulnerable because they're young and they need and want the money to expedite the process of providing for their families. They have Pell Grants and a NCAA Special assistance program. A lot of upper poor and lower middle class(if you will) students do not qualify. Regardless, if this was the answer, you couldn't google," college student athlete robbery,"and get page after page of hits. So what's the answer? Show them the Money! Pay these college football players. They make the money for the schools and deserve some of it back.

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