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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bring the Noise

The AP...The's what makes College football what we know and love/hate.

Oklahoma @Mizzou

Mizzou's offense isn't the same as it was under the direction of Chase Daniels but the still can put up big numbers. The Tiger's don't put all of their eggs in one basket though, they use their dominate defense to shut their opponents down.

Oklahoma has gotten back to Sooner winning football. They have a pass happy offense that has a RB that can rush for 200 yards at anytime. Demarcus Murray will have to have a big day against a punishing Tiger defense, in order for the Sooners to win. 38-28 OK


Cameran Newton is a game changer, breaker, and dominator. He does it all with the #2 QB rating in the country, Newton seems to make all the right decisions. Auburns defense hasn't been good, but they're playing against a weak LSU offense.

LSU is a gritty team that has been a winner because of big defensive and special team plays. LSU's offense is just plain awful. This will be why the won't win SEC and they'll win this game. 20-9 AUBURN

Nebraska has tried to everything to try to forget last weeks farewell to the party giving to them by Texas. State will try to do the same thing to Nebraska. You have to be weary of both squads because they have built a reputation built on playing bad teams. Nebraska, you have been exposed. 48-41 OKST

The Badgers running game vs the Hawk eyes stingy D. This should be one of those old school rockem sockem match ups that will be won or lost on the last possession.


Clemson has underachieved all season long. Their defense normally a staple for the Tigers has been a huge disappointment. Offensively they have struggled where everyone thought they would, the passing game. But the anger of Clemson's players having loss 2 games to Tech last year should give them the edge.

Tech hasn't been close to the same team they've been the past 2 years. Paul Johnson has struggled in recruiting and the familiarization of his option attack in the ACC.Yes Tech is top 15 in rushing again this year, but so is Army, Navy, Navy and Air Force. Tech' s improving defense and Clemson's inability to score big points will be there demise. 27-23 Tech


This will be a one-sided affair. The Crimson Tide is on a mission to destroy who ever is left in their path. Bama will use this game to work on a offense that has faded since the South Carolina game. 51-17 BAMA

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