Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is the NFL..... isn't it ?

Have NFL players forgotten how to tackle? The Helmet to Helmet rule is an old rule that is now being intensely enforced because of player safety (concussions).Now, the NFL has placed the referees into an impossible situation.They are asking fifty plus year old men to make split second decisions without the ability of replay. This rule violation automatically comes with a league fine that starts at a hefty fifty-thousand dollars for a first offense. This may not be a big deal as a fan because it's not coming out of our pockets. However, these penalties will keep drives alive and change momentum of games and most importantly, change the physicality of a defender. There will definitely be more missed tackles, more pass-interference calls and more broken tackles as a result. The NFL normally does things the right way so it's baffling why they would make such a dramatic change in the middle of the season. Professional players spend the entire off-season and training camps preparing to perform at a high level. The NFL is now asking them to make a major adjustment when they are now just really getting into full form as a player. It's not shocking however that this rule affects the defense the most. The other problem is offensive players don't just stay in the same position while they are running or falling. They are asking the defense to make a millimeter adjustment on the fly. It' just not that easy! The NFL is making a overzealous reaction to a concussion issue. This isn't the way to fix it. We all want the game to be safe. But unless we just play two hand touch, injuries are going to happen. The NFL is a violent, fast paced and skilled game, the risk of serious injury comes with the territory.

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