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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What time is it!!! Game time!

Oklahoma vs Miami
After being knocked back to earth by Va Tech, Miami looks to get their mojo back. The Sooners have been balling since dropping an ugly one against BYU. The clash of the battered titans will be settled by great QB and special teams play. That's why the U will come through. 27-17 Miami

Virginia Tech vs Duke
The Wade Wacko's will be in full effect and will cheer on their Blue Devil's. However, after last week's drubbing of Miami. The only chance the Blue Devil's have is catching Va Tech sleeping.... knocked out cold.. 35-17 Tech

LSU vs Georgia
LSU continues to move up in the polls with a mediocre ball club. They will be exposed by a battle tested Bulldog team that has learned how to fight. 27-13 Georgia

USC vs Cal
Too much defense from USC. Not enough offensive weaponry from Cal. 34-17 USC

Auburn vs Tenn
This will be a knockem sockem old school SEC battle. Tenn offense will try to lose it but their defense will keep them in the game. But with a resurgence of Auburn's offense, the should score enough to win. 13-7 Auburn

Michigan vs Michigan St
Rich Rod wolverines are on a roll. Their making play after play while refusing to lose. I think they may run out of steam this week against a scrappy well coached Michigan St.

Bama vs Kentucky
What do you do against a team who's 2nd team freshman tailback can start anywhere in the country? I don't know.So goes the dilemma of Kentucky's coaching staff. Bama has been the most consistent team in the country and the tide will continue to roll. 40-7Bama

Washington vs Notre Dame
What can you expect out of Washington. They beat USC and then lose to Stanford. ND has played consistent and continues to improve. The Huskies no how to get up for the big game they'll beat ND. 20-13 Wash

Clemson vs Maryland
What can u say about Maryland....... I'm waiting.... Clemson should win this one with no problem or the Clemson faithful may be saying Dabo has to go. 30-13 Clemson

UNC has to get back on track after being embarrassed in the ATL. They will because UVA may win 2 games all year. 42-10 UNC

Ga Tech vs Miss St
Tech's ground and pound is back. More importantly their defense has gotten very stingy. This spells trouble for a Miss ST team who has trouble against the run. 31-10 Ga Tech

Pitt vs Lou
This will be a great game even though Louisville's 1-2. The Big East is clearly the most competitive league in the country top to bottom. Both teams have similar hard nose styles with Pitt being a little more gritty. I think this game will come down to field position and special teams. 24-21 Lou

Utah St vs Brigham Young
This one will be over fast. BYU's BCS birth depends on them blasting every opponent left on their schedule. They will. 50-17 BYU

Wisconsin vs Minn
Wisc runs and throws deep to Toon on the way to a solid win. 20-17

USF vs Syracuse
Daniels and the Bulls will buck the Orangeman while remaining undefeated.31-13

Arkansas vs Texas A&M
The Razorbacks are glad to be out of SEC play for at least a week. They'll show why the SEC is the best conference in the country when they beat an undefeated A&M team.
24-20 Ark

Penn St vs Illinois
Penn St urned out to be a pretender for the national championship. They also shouldn't be invited to the Rose Bowl after winning out the rest of the season.

FSU has been up and down all year and a victory over BC won't tell us anything. 35-10FSU

NC State vs Wake
State hasn't lost since the opening week. Wake has taken a step back this season and lost to a struggling BC. State should win this one decisively. 27-9 State

Ohio State vs Indiana
Indiana should have beat Michigan in the big house. They left everything on the field. Because of this they won't have enough left in the tank against OState. 33-20 OState

Miss vs Vandy
Vandy is Vandy again and all the magic has gone. That's the only reason an overrated Ole Miss will beat them. 28-10 Ole Miss

SCST vs South Carolina
Buldogs will come out hard but to much defense from SC will overwelhm them. 38-3 SC

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