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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hit or Be Hit Saturday!!!!

OU vs Texas

The Cotton Bowl. This reflects the Western Conference Championship. Texas led by Colt McCoy will be explosive and ready to beat the Sooners. They haven't played a close game all year besides beating an offensive Texas Tech.The only downside to Texas offense is a more conservative Colt McCoy led runing game. The Sooners, have already lost a game to an okay BYU team. Definsively the Sooners play lights out, and Sam Bradfoords back. Bradford is back in a groove after a solid game last week. OU will be too quick on offense and too powerful on D to lose to a fantastic Colt McCoy. 45-38 OU

Bama vs South Carolina

Bama..Big..Big..Big...Fast...Discipline...Run...Run...Run again...Run....Pass...Run some more...Defense...Defense....Defense...Defense!!!! This is the game the Gamecocks have waited for. To get respect you must take it. 5 and 1 sounds some how tooooo familiar. They will lose this game but I think the most important game of there season is next 5 weeks. They can't put their entire season on the line this game. Bama 24-6

Arkansas vs Florida

If u aint a gator, your gator bait!!! Who needs Tebow when you have the #1 D in the country. 30-13 Florida

Ohio State vs Purdue

Purdue is terrible. Boy they need Drew Brees this weekend. OState 52-10

Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech

The triple option can't be stopped if run the Paul Johnson way. But you don't have to stop it, all you must do is limit them to 3 points and make them lose yards on early downs. Use the Miami blueprint, be patient and know that they will wiin their share of downs. Just don't give up the big play. GTech's problem is their defense or lets say lack of. VTech will win this because their sound defensive play. It's now time to start mentioning VTech in the National Championship picture. 28-16 VTech

Iowa vs Wiscousin

**Upset Alert**Wiscousin has been a consistent team all year. Tough nosed offense and Defense.Iowa has been clearly the best team in the Big Ten but against out of conference talent thhey've been inconsistent. It's time for them to lose a game and sadly they will. Thus making the BCS National Championship picture clearer. 16-17 Badgers

Wake Forest vs Clemson

The Clemson faithful still don't think Wake belongs on the field with them. News Flash..... Wake has won the ACC title in the modern era!! Clemson has talent in spots. Of course CJ Spiller, and the secondary leads the charge. After that they have a lot of OVERATED players who coulda, woulda, shoulda, if it weren't for Tommy Bowden and Dabo Sweeny. Yep the Tigers are ready to fire another coach, but finally I agree with them. The coaching Staffs are the one's who told the fans that the players they had were good enough to win. So I agree, Fire them all!! Wake is coming to Clemson with a smart and very well coached team led by the 3rd best QB in the league, Riley Skinner. Skinner is a wiley vet that makes the right decisions most of the time. Clemson has to depend on a defense that lets up in is almost ineffective in there pass rush. Ofensively, when you have a QB that averages 5.7 yards an attempt, that doesn't help your cause. I know if your a Tiger fan you have to be optimistic. But as a College football fan, it's hard not to be pessimistic. 24-17 Wake

Georgia vs Vanderbilt

Vandy has know magic this year. Georgia will win and not celebrate this year. If they do Mark Rick will have them run sprints before they hit the showers. 48-10 Ga

USC vs Notre Dame

USC is primed and ready to take a fall. This is probably there weakest team in 10 years. They'll still have 10 wins , but they aren't a strong USC team. Nortre Dame has the best team since Ty Willingham's 9 or 10 win season. This game comes down to Charlie Weiss being able to win the big one. He can't. 36-20 USC

Texas Tech vs Nebraska

****Upset Aert*** Nebraska is #14 in the country in pass defense. The problem is they haven't played Kansas, Oklahoma, or Texas. This week Nebraska's playing the most prolific passing program in college football.Mike Leach get's it done!! 45-36 TT

Cincy vs USF

Cincy's Pike has had a fantastic year. Pike and the Cincy has led the Big East in just about every offensive catagory. USF on the otherhand has lost the most prolific QB in this school's history. That would be a problem except if his backup wasn't BJ Daniels. Daniels already runs the ball better, but will make the Bulls faithful forget about Grothe before he leaves. Football 101 states if both offenses are good look at the defense. Cincy's defense is weak. USF's D, led by Selve and Allen will have a big night against Pike. 38-27 USF

Pitt vs Rutgers

Once Pitt gets more speed in their program, they're going to be something to deal with nationally. For now they'll keep being another good Big East program and will easily beat up Rutgers. 27-10 Pitt

Miami vs UCF

Jacory Harris and the crew will make it do what it do. Nice new stadium Knights. 48-13 Miami

NC State vs BC

After a 49-28 lost to Duke, State will be more than ready to prove that they aren't overated. BC will be trying to stay alive in atlantic division that is just plain awful. 13-9 State

Cal vs UCLA

All is not lost, Cal still has Best. 27-23 Cal

Kansas vs Colorado

The Buffalo's still aren't back. Do you remember back in the days when the Big 12 consisted of Nebraska vs Colorado? Sorry, this is the year of the JayHawk. It won't be a close one. 42-10 KU

UVA vs Mary

Who cares who wins.... my bad, the atlantic division of the ACC is atrocious and even UVA a team that lost to William and Mary is still alive. UVA 16-10

Houston vs Tulane
Houston's way to explosive on offense. They should win convincingly. 35-17 Houston

Kentucky vs Auburn

Kentucky is a good team. They just happen to play in the hardest league in the coountry. 28-21 Auburn

Stanford vs Arizona

What happened to Zona? It's time for a coaching change again. Stanfords running game will be to much for the Wildcats. 24-13 Stanford

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