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Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday, Game Day 10/11

The 1st quarter of the NFL season is over and now it's time for teams to turn there season around or continue their dominance. Let's look and see who'll be doing what...

Cincy vs B-Mo

The ravens have been exploited in the passing game this year. This game means more to a Bengal team who normally fades towards the end of the season. Ochocinco will start his Hawaii campaign with a huge game in a Bengals win.

Browns vs Buffalo

Indecision at QB, can it get any worse. Sure, trade the best player on your team to a
conference foe. The Browns are bad and ofcourse they'll lose.

Wash vs Carolina

The Skins won't lose to another bad team. If they do, Zorn will begin to pack his bags because he'll surely recieve a pink slip.The Panthers need a change and everyone knows where that change should be. Why won't Fox pull the trigger. As long as Jake plays, Panthers lose. The Skins win

Pitt vs Det

Will the real Pittsburg Steelers please stand up. They will against the bad Lions. Pitt wins.

Dallas vs KC

Who won't beat KC. Dallas may be primed and ready for an upset. They won't be, Big D wins.

Oakland vs NYG

These are those kinds of games that the Giants would lose in the past. An easy game on paper and a tender footed Eli. I smell an upset. Oakland wins.

Bucs vs Philly

Can it get any harder for the Bucs. Yep, they're playing the Eagles. Oh, and by the way, the Don is back. Mcnabb will throw for 300 yds in a blow out.

Minn vs STL

Minn will blow out the Rams. Anything else?

Atl vs SF

Huge game with future playoff implications. SF have a new weapon because they just signed 1st round pick Michael Crabtree. But Vernon Davis will a difference as usual. But, because of a often injured Frank Gore, the Falcons win.

Houston vs Arizona

Arizona will begin their playoff run against an unsure Houston team.

NE vs Denver

Brady is getting back up to speed. The Broncos have squeezed by into victories twice this season. Their luck will run out against a well coached very talented NE team. NE wins.

Jacs vs Sea

Boy, what happened to Seattle.The Jags will continue a push towards the playoffs and try to give the city of Jacksonville a reason to keep them there. Jags win.

Ind vs Ten

It's time for a QB change in Tenn.If the roles were reversed Young would have been benched a week ago. Do the right thing, give Kerry a seat. Jeff Fisher won't. Titans lose!!

NYJ vs Dolphins

NYJ are primed and ready for an upset. New addition in Braylon Edwards and unreal play by a rookie QB. Reality will set in down by the beach this week. Miami wins.

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