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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Buckle ur chin strap and Hit somebody Saturday!!!!

Florida State vs North Carolina
Who's going to show up?????? Will it be 186 QB rating, 2 TD, TJ Yates that crushed East Carolina. Or, will it be the Yates that threw 2 interceptions and was completely abysmal against an UVA team that lost to William & Mary. If you're Florida St, will you get the defensive effort of the BYU game in which the Seminoles dominated the #6 offense in the country. Or you may get the defense that has been killed ever sense. Florida St 24-10

Tenn vs Bama
Lane Kiffin will lean on dad Monty again this week. Kiffin will have to deal with new Heisman mention and front runner Mark Ingram. Ingram has had a great year and continues to dominate teams with his fast, tough running style. Alabama will be better than UT everywhere on the field. Ingram ability will be put to the test against a nasty UT defense. The most interesting and unknown tidbit about this game is that the best running back won't be Mark Ingram. It's really Montarrio Hardesty, he already has a pro style. He runs with great vision , power, and balance. He will be a first round pick and will have the best game at RB. 27-13 Bama

Florida vs Miss St

Miss St has gotten better. Playing against the toughest defense in the country will be hard for the "listed" 5'10 Miss St QB. This one won't be close. 48-3 Florida

Georgia Tech vs UVA
Paul Johnson's offense has been off the chain. #1 in the nation in rushing offense. UVA won't stop it, no one will. You have to manage an offense like Georgia Tech's. Get them in 3rd and long and force them to pass. UVA will keep it close but, Jim Grove won't be able to pull the miracle. Georgia Tech 28-20

South Florida vs Pittsburg

Pitts a very solid team. They have a good offense and defense. Not a flashy team but hard nose Bama-like without the talent. South Fl has a big play offense and defense. They make plays , but can't seem to sustain drives. This game boils down to solidness vs flashiness. Pitt 17-10

Clemson vs Miami

The U is locked and loaded and now in control of there own destiny. Jacory Hariss has told his teammates not to read the papers or watch news focused on Miami's success. His leadership has been remarkable as a true sophomore. Clemson has been in every game they have played. There offense has found a way to move the football and scored 38 points last week. CJ Spiller is coming back to the crib and looking to have a huge game. He'll make a fuss, but Clemson will lose. 34-20 Miami

Min vs Ohio State
Terell Pryor has not developed into the player we all thought he'd be. Ohio State is wost than we all thought they would be. Jim Tressel should start to get concerned, if he doesn't fire some folk on his staff, he'll be on the hot seat next year. Minnesota has big play Eric Decker that will make some plays. But, an angry Buckeye squad won't let it stay close. 41-13 OState

Penn St vs Michigan
*****UPSET ALERT*****
Rich Rod has changed the play of the Big Ten and he doesn't even have all the players he needs yet. Penn State has let Joe Pa down losing to a tough Iowa team in Happy Valley. He's in for another let down this week, because Penn States D won't be able to handle the unconventional , crafty Forcier. 28-24 Michigan

******UPSET ALERT*****
TCU hasn't been that dominant on defense. They have been average on offense. BYU is explosive on offense. ON D they have been solid and always seem to come up with plays when they need them. This is TCU's only test of the year and if they lose they'll kill their BCS chances. 24-20 BYU

Auburn vs LSU

Gene Chizik, has everyone forgotten.... He still shouldn't be Auburn's coach. Who have they beaten? That's right, Tennesee... Oh yeah, Tenn ain't that good. They are about to start losing every week and then will hear about Chizik again.They'll lose the last 5 out of 6 games and then we will see if the Tiger faithful will be ready to get em out of there. LSU will ground and pound Auburn into submission. 27-17 LSU

UCONN vs West Virginia
All of hearts out to this Uconn team. Having lost a teammate has to be the hardest thing that a team can go through. Jasper Howard will be thought of constantly before, during, and after the game. This focus can cause the team to make plays or miss plays. Hopefully they'll make them. West Virginia has the same problem year after year, high octane offense with a low maintenance defense. Because of this a motivated and a country backed UCONN will prevail in victory. 23-21 UCONN

Duke vs Maryland
Thad Lewis has been lights out. Now up for the Johnny Unitas Award, Lewis is hoping to change the modern history of Duke football. He's playing as well as any QB in the country. Maryland has been bad. Yes they've won a few games but it's hard to tell how they did it. They play bad on D and turnover the ball on offense. Thad Lewis will walk the ball up and down the field as Duke wins in a blowout. 42-20 Duke

Illinois vs Purdue

Roon Zook is in position to go 1-11. Purdue is coming off one of it's program
biggest victories.Purdue will win this easily because of the disappointing year of Juice Williams. 28-14 Purdue

Oklahoma vs Kansas
Kansas perfect season was ruined last week. Probably because they were looking ahead to Oklahoma. Well they'll find what they were looking for. Oklahoma's mad and that spells trouble for Kansas. 38-20 Oklahoma

Arkansas vs Ole Miss
This should be one of the best games of the weekend. Ole Miss came into the season with National Championship hopes. They were quickly brought down to earth after being outplayed in South Carolina.Snead and McCluster are the reasons for Ole Miss's dose of reality. There numbers are down, Ole Miss is struggling. They've won 4 games but haven't beat anyone. Arkansas on the other hand has played every game tough and could have won any game they have lost except against Bama. Ryan Mallet will continue to increase his draft stock while Snead will continue to be forgotten. 33-24 Arkansas

OK ST vs Baylor
Baylor is still Baylor. Preseason banter was just that, talk. OKST has played well, they lost a game they shouldn't have, but have bounced back and clearly have a very dominant offense. Dez Bryant who would've been the clear Heisman choice, still can't play because of the NCAA. OKST won't need him for Baylor. 27-17 OKST

Oregon vs Washington
Washington has ruined USC's season but their season isn't going well at all. Oregon will win. 28-13 Oregon

Texas at Mizz
Texas needs to make a BCS statement. Look for a basketball score. 52-10 Texas

BC vs Notre Dame
Clausen has had a great year. BC has been hard to put a finger on. Notre Dame has been consistent all year. 31-13 ND

Iowa vs Mich St
Iowa has been a tough football team all year. They know how to win. This game won't be pretty, but Iowa will win. 24-17 Iowa

Vandy vs South Carolina

South Carolina has been playing well this year. They've already beaten top ranked Ole Miss, and played Bama well. The hardest stretch of their schedule will begin after playing Vandy. They need to play well so that they'll be ready for the last quarter of their season. 28-14 South Carolina

Louisville vs Cincy

Steve Kragthorpe,Louis's head coach, is on his way out the door. Just a few years ago UL's had leapt into national recognition. Now no one cares about them again. 2 wins, he has to leave. Cincy's Pike shouldn't play and should be given rest. They won't need him against UL. 34-10 Cincy

Iowa St vs Nebraska
After being embarrassed last week. Nebraska wins this on easily. 31-17

Texas A&M vs Texas Tech

The QB has changed but the results remain the same. Texas Tech will outscore A&M on the way to victory. 41-28 Texas Tech

Wash St vs Cal
I haven't forgot about Jahvid Best. He'll get back into the Heisman picture with a 200 yard day. 37-20 Cal

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