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Friday, October 16, 2009

Once again, It's ON!! NFL Picks

Houston vs Cincy
Who said Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat? Not me Cincy is looking like one of the best teams in the league to this point. They'll be Houston in a statement game. Cincy wins.

Det vs Green Bay
The Lions are still the Lions even though they have won a game. Green Bay wins

Bal vs Min
This game will come down to Bret Farve vs B-Mo's secondary. I give Ed Reed and the Ravens defense the edge.

The G-Men know how to play D. NO has been lights out on offense. Funny thing is, Drew Brees doesn't really have a significant statistical advantage over Manning. Because of this and the Giants D. Giants win.

Cle vs Pitt
Pitt's ready to get there Championship run in gear. The Browns are a great team to use to get your confidence to that level. Pitt wins.

Car vs Tampa
The battle of the scrubs. I've been there before. Who cares who wins? Carolina wins because of a dominate run game.

KC vs Skins
Zorns job is on the line. There's finger pointing from the players. The Skins are playing another bad team. This spells disaster. KC wins

Philly vs Oak
This one won't be close. Philly wins. ps. give Vick some time.

Arizona vs Seattle
Where did Seattle offense come from last week. Problem is, they don't know either. Mike Holmgren sure knew when to bail. Zona wins.

Ten vs NE
We want Young! We want Young! Until they make the switch they'll continue to lose. NE wins.

Buf vs NYJ
Trade T.O. Why would they get him and not throw him the ball EVERYTIME!! I thought it was the real verdict wasn't out on the Jets yet. They'll be exposed this week in a lost. Buf wins.

Chi vs Atl
Atlanta has a great team. They just don't have that special guy. That got guy. The guy when you need a play, you know you can count on. The Bears have Jay Cutler. He'll be enough. Bears win.

Den vs San Diego

The Chargers cut their starting saftey. Who does that in the middle of the season? Things aren't going right their. In Denver , nothings going wwrong. But I still don't believe. Chargers win.

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