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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breakem off Somethin Saturday!!!! College Picks 10/31

Texas vs Oklahoma St
Texas and Colt Mccoy are a little upset that there not ranked in the top. If they'll be upset, it will happen now. problem for OK State is that, the best player in the country can't suit up for them. Dez Bryant could have won the game for State.But since he's not playing, Colt McCoy rolls to victory. 30-16 Texas

Florida-Georgia at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

The Gators have won the tough games and played very well in stretches. The Bama band riders were in a scare last week in Tuscaloosa. Now they realize how good the Gators really are. Urban Meyers will show his team Georgia rushing the field in 2007 right before they step on the field. This doesn't bode well for a struggling Georgia offense and defense. This should be Tebow's Heisman coming out party. IF U AIN'T A GATOR, UR GATOR BAIT!!!!!! 30-17 Florida

South Carolina at Tenn

Not again, we are down the stretch and Carolina has to go own the road to play a perennial SEC powerhouse. South Carolina has been a good team all year. Garcia has been a very capable QB and has made big plays at time. UT defense would definitely have the best defense in the SEC if they had a consistent offense. This team is full of confidence. They know Bama tiptoed off the field last week after they were outplayed by UT. Both defenses will be the key for each team. 17-14 UT

USC at Oregon

USC has dropped their one game for the season already. Oregon should be ready for a dog fight. They'll need to step up on defense to have a chance to win. 27-20 USC

Miami vs Wake

Miami had very high hopes this year after their fast start. Reality has set in and the youth of Miami's football team has really reared its ugly head of late. Wake had control of there destiny in the ACC. Now after losing to Clemson, they need to win 3 out of the next 4 games in order to play for the ACC championship. Wake gave up all 338 yards Navy had on the ground. Miami should feature their 2- headed running game of Cooper and Berry (James is Hurt). 40-17 Miami

Georgia Tech at Vandy

The Yellow Jackets stung the competition with stellar play by all their backs. Vandy won't give them much of a contest. 34-13 GTech

West Virginia at USF

BJ Daniels has almost averaged a 100 yards per game rushing. He's probably the most exciting player in the Big East. The exciting part of about this is he's only a freshman, and has only started 4 games in his career. WVU played a heck of a game against UCONN last week considering all of the pressure surrounding that game. This is a classic WVU team, an explosive offense with a functional defense. I don't think they'll be enough Devine intervention from RB Noel Devine to get WVU past USF. 38-34 USF

IU at Iowa

Let's start talking about it. Iowa, Big Ten Champs. Iowa, playing in the National Championship game. It could happen. They'll win ugly, but they'll beat IU this week. Quiz...Name 2 players that play for Iowa?..........Too late ,you lose. 28-13 Iowa


2 of the best-worst teams in the ACC are going head to head. NCST has QB Russell Wilson, who is a very dynamic player that can make all the throws.The receiving core for NCSTate may be the best in the conference. They also have one of the best d-ends in the country, Willie Young. Then why are they sooooooooooo bad? Christian Ponder is arguably one of the best QB's in the ACC and has been on an offensive explosion.
He has 2 receivers in Reed and Owens that can be matched up with anyone in the country. But defensively, yep I said it..... Defensively Florida State may be the worst in the country. They give up points like summer rain in Florida....very often.This game will go down to who can score the most points. 38-28 FSU

New Mexico St at Ohio State

Terell Pryor has to continue to make progress at QB if OState will make a run for a national championship next year. They should easily beat the Aggie's. 41-6 Ohio State

Rutgers AT UCONN

Rutgers has won 5 games. No teams they have beaten has a winning record. In short, they haven't played anyone. Uconn has lost three games by the combined total of 8 points. This is a hard nose team that's playing with a focus and a purpose. This determination should help them get a win. 23-17 Uconn

Kansas at Texas Tech

Mike Leach is an offensive machine. Kansas may have ruined their chances of capturing the north title. This will be a high scoring contest. 34-28 TT

Cal at Arizona St

Javid Best has gotten back on track the past two weeks. He has found a partner also in Shane Vereen who has rushed for 170 yards in the last 2 games. Aizona St has been struggling. 30-17 Arizona St

Purdue at Wisconsin

Purdue is on a 2-game win streak. Big deal! They won't beat Wisconsin. 24-9 Wisc

Ole Miss at Auburn

Auburn caught Tenn early. Besides that, the other wins weren't notable. Hiring Gene Chizik was a mistake and the Tiger faithful will begin chanting that after this 4th consecutive loss. Read these thoughts by an angry ISU fan...
"Hey guys, Cyclone fan here. Not trying to poke open any wounds, or anything like that. Auburn has actually been, over the years, one of the few SEC schools (along with Miss. St) I would pull for, as I have deep respect for land grant schools that are paired up with another in-State school with incredibly obnoxious fans (I hate Alabama).

That said, as you might understand, I have a strong distaste for Gene Chizik. I think he's a spineless coward for the way he left our program with out giving his players more than 2 minutes of his time. That said, at the time we hired him, I was star struck. I thought he was going to do great things at ISU before leaving for the SEC. Turns out, he hired his fishing buddies for coordinators and didn't realize that when you don't have 5 star players at every position that you actually have to coach them, not just stand around and bark at them.

When he hired Malzahn down here, it looked like he had learned his lesson that he's not going to just win games because he's "Gene XX Chizik" and he needed to be surrounded by other good coaches. Then he matched his career win total in his first 5 games. Now it looks like the Gene Chizik we know and love has reared his head. It's obvious that he can't really coach that well, as Paul Rhoads has gotten as many wins in 8 weeks out of "his" (half of our team was recruited by McCarney) players as he got in 2 years. Is that the consensus down here, or do some still think he can get Auburn Football back to where it was? I feel bad for you guys because I've always respected Auburn, and Chizik is such a slimy snake oil salesman. You guys don't deserve that crap. Hopefully your AD will wake up at the end of the year and call Turner Gill back. He should be pacing your sidelines as we speak."
34-17 Ole Miss wins

Nebraska at Baylor
Cornhusker pride will sprout up this week in a dominate performance by Suh. 34-24 Nebraska

South Miss at Houston

Houston is to good on ofense to lose against Southern Miss. 30-20 Houston

Mizz at Colorado
Colorado is bad. Yes, they beat Kansas but they are still horrible. 28-13 Mizz

Duke vs UVA

Which Al Groh tram will show up Saturday? Well I know who will show up for Duke...The ACC's best QB will be there and will throw for over 300 yards. Because of this Duke wins. 38-23 Duke

Coastal Carolina at Clemson
CJ Spiller for Heisman....He'll need a at least a 200 yard rushing game or a 450 yard total yard game to be serious about it. 52-13 Clemson

San Jose State at Boise State

Boise St is on their way to undefeated season. They only played one game this year and that was against Oregon. They should be punished for this. 48-3 Boise St

Central Mich at BC

Central Mich is a good team. This will be a good test for them. The ACC needs to prove to the rest of the country that its a big time conference. BC and ACC reputation is on the line this game. 24-17 BC

Mich vs Illinois

No one wishes to be Ron Zook right now. He can't get his team to compete. 30-17 Mich

Temple at Navy
24-20 Navy

Oregon St at UCLA
How in the world did the Bruins beat Tenn? They haven't won very much since. They have been on a four game skid since their last win. Oregon State's coming to town so it won't get any easier for the Bruins. 20-14 Oregon ST

Penn St at Northwestern
45-23 Penn ST

Tulane at LSU
28-3 LSU

Mich ST vs Minn
Eric Deckers hurt. Minn can't score enough without him. 28-23 Mich St

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