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Monday, October 5, 2009

The ACC, Not Again..

Can someone say deja vu...The ACC was just in this situation last year. An undefined juggernaut with any team able to win any matchup. Miami has separated itself for now but who knows, anything can happen in this conference. BC who can't move the ball at Clemson, beats FSU. Maryland, who lost to Mid Tenn St, convincingly beats an flustered Clemson team. Virginia Tech dismantled an unbeatable Miami only to go to Duke an give up 360 passing yards while only winning by 8. UNC was ranked and looked as if they would compete for their division title. Now, they are on a 2 game skid after getting beat up by GTech and a struggling UVA. Wake Forest has to be added to the 1st class list after a early win against Stanford who has since beat Washington and UCLA. Wake also beat an NC State team who many thought would be a force in the conference this year.
The ACC doesn't deserve very much respect. They haven't earned any. Miami has proven they can play with anyone in the country. But, everyone else is inconsistent at best. When studying all the teams in the ACC you come up with a very simple conclusion. LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Besides VaTech, teams in the ACC can't stay focused. Whether it's a busted coverage or a personel foul, these teams find a way to give the game away.
How do you fix this? It's easy, more situational reps and experience. You can't make a freshman play like a senoir but through plenty of situational reps, you can make him a mid-year sophomore. Coaches have to keep the players focused on the situations. For instance, 3rd and 16 and the receiver runs a 13 yard route. Or the defender jumps a 6 yard route and gives up the 16 yard route. If each player was aware of the situational down and distance, they wouldn't make these very correctable mistakes.
In order for the ACC to gain the respect they crave. They must earn it by winning the games they are suppose to win.

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flemo said...

hi kevin,
listening to broadcast. Didnt know you went to vtech/duke game. enjoyed blog on ACC.