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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saturday Football Picks 10/10

Florida vs LSU
Two undefeated SEC titans battling in the Bayou. The Tigers have been inconsistent but always find a way to win. Florida still hasn't hit their National Championship stride. They'll need to show up ready to play and began their bid for another National Championship. 42-17 UF

Bama vs Ole Miss
**Upset Alert** just kidding. Ole miss won't be ranked after this week. Ole Miss, "you are the weakest link,goodbye." 30-10 BAMA

BC vs Va Tech
VTech didn't play well against Duke. They gave up 360 passing yards which exposed a very overated secondary. BC won't be able to take advantage of this because they only average 176 yards a game in the air. Because of this, BC loses. 27-13 VTech

Auburn vs Arkansas
Arkansas has played themselves into a one game season. Houston Knutt has always been fought back when his back is against the wall. Auburn's offense has led this team this year which has secretly put their defense in cruise control. They haven't beat,but have essentially outscored all of their opponents. This perfect season ends against Arkansas. 34-31 Arkansas

Ohio State vs Wiscounsin
OState has been on a roll since losing to USC. They'll keep it up against an undefeated untested Wiscounsin. 33-20 OState

Oregon vs UCLA
Oregon wants a rematch against Boise St. They won't get it but they will probably take it out on a weak UCLA. 27-9 Oregon

Baylor vs Oklahoma
Baylor will compete early but Oklohoma will outlast them in a blow out. 45-17 OK

Duke vs NC State
The unpredictable ACC, where it has turned into an "any given saturday" atmosphere. Because of this, Duke led by a ACC leading Thad lewis air attack beats State. 36-28 Duke

Mich St vs Illinois
The Juice isn't lose anymore. Ron Zook has benched him. Bad idea, bad coaching,terrible leadership. Their season is over. 41-13 Mich St

Georgia vs Tenn
Lane, Monty told you there'd be days like this. Tenn is bad. They are at least 2 years away. Lane has shown he can't keep his team up and ready to play every week. If he could, they'd be 4-1 with that lost being to Florida. Georgia has played well as a team and will be even better next year. 17-13 Georgia

Maryland vs Wake
Wake beat NC State, Maryland beat Clemson. Who knows who'll win this game.... I do, Wake.
23-20 Wake

OKSt vs Texas A&M
Another Big 12 wild western shootout. The only problem for OKST, they're missing their 6 shooter Dez Bryant. To bad, they lose. 31-20 A&M

Kentucky vs South Carolina
Kentucky is on a 2 game skid. The positive side of that, any team in the country who had Florida, Alabama in back to back weeks would also be on a losing sreak. South Carolina struggled with SCST in the first half only leading 10-7. That doesn't bode well playing a Kentucky team that played Bama respectively. 27-21 Kentucky

Georgia Tech vs Florida St
GTech has played as well as any team in the country lately. The Paul Johnson offense has been hitting on all cylinders. GTech's D has been dominant as well. Florida St has played as bad as any team in the country. And the Bowden turmoil can't help their cause at all. Because of this, State will be unpredictable as usual and play the best game of the year and beat Tech. 28-17 FSU

Miss St vs Houston.
Miss St will be tooooo s-l-o-w for the Cougar high octane offense. 45-20 Houston

Michigan vs Iowa
Iowa is the srongest team in the Big 10. Rich Rod and Forcier will have a few tricks up their sleve to try to steal a win at Iowa. 21-18 Iowa

UConn vs Pitt
Another tough Big East battle that will be decided by one score. Pitt has the tougher team with a gritty D. 24-17 Pitt

Miami vs FAMU
The U finally gets a break. They'll easily win the game, but will definately lose the half time show against the Marching 100.

Indiana vs UVA
UVA fooled us by beating a struggling UNC last week. Their run will end sat against IU. 23-20 IU

Washington vs Arizona
Are you serious, a 2-3 team beat the mighty Trojans. Yep, and locker hasn't been able to get the Huskies to play consistent since. Arizona should help there cause becase at 3-1, they still haven't played anyone except Iowa in a loss. 38-27 Wash

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Fraiser said...

Great blog, like your picks and I think they are dead on but... Houston Nutt is now the coach at Ole Miss, Bobby Patrino walked out of the falcons mid-season to take the Arkansas job.