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Friday, October 23, 2009

This is the NFL !!!! Check out the picks.

Green Bay at Cleveland
Green Bay had a bye week against Detroit. This is there 2nd bye in a row. Cleveland and Eric Mangini aren't a good match. They benched a guy (Brady Quinn) who never won his starting job anyway. Then, they get rid of the very best player (Braylon Edwards) on their team. They'll be luck to win 5 games this year. Green Bay wins.
p.s. Aaron Rodgers is better than Farve.

SF at Houston
Frank Gore should be back this week, and he's greatly needed. SF should be motivated to win, having gone on a bye-week after being blown out. Houston has got a little momentum and I think will begin to see who's real and who's fake.

SD at KC
The Chargers are going through crisis mode. They lost another game they should've won. And it looks like Denver may not implode this year. KC has a little swagger now, coming off of their first win this year.But, they aren't playing the Skins this week. SD wins.

Colts at STL
Is it me, or is the Rush Limbaugh talk about owning the Rams the best thing that's happened to them all year. The Rams are awful. Limbaugh just announced on his show yesterday, he doesn't want them anymore.(just kidding)
Colts win.

NE at TB
Tampa will be in trouble all year. NE wins this one easily. NE wins

Min at Pitt
Farves magic has to phase out soon. He's old and getting tired. The Steelers have not regained their swag back from last year. The terrible towels will be out, and the Vikings will be out in the weather. This advantage goes to the Steelers. Steelers win.

Buf at Carolina
After a victory in Tampa last week you would think the Panthers have a little momentum. Instead, they're complaining after a win about touches. Steve Smith wants the darn ball!!!! Only thing is, who can throw it to him....Buffalo wins.

NYJ at Oak
Just win the Jets thought the wheels were coming of the comes Oakland to save the day. Jets Win.

Chicago at Cincy
This should be a very physical game. Yes, Cincy's physical now. Cedric Benson has changed the complexion their offense. Jay just got paid this week and has to let the Bear faithful know that management made the right choice. Bears win.

Atl at Dallas

The falcons are for real. They are built to win tough games. Dallas has Romo, and...well Romo still isn't proven. Atl wins.

NO at Mia
The Saints will run through the weak Dolphin secondary. This game should not be close. Saints waaaayyyy to explosive on offense. Saints win.

Ari at NYG
Kurt Warner circled this game on his calender. Big Blue, Kurt remembers. The Saints exploited an undisciplined Giants secondary,and the Cards will follow suit. Big Blue needs to run the ball and hog the clock to win. Arizona wins.

Phi at Wash
For all the reasons you already know about..... Philly wins.

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just a warning for whats to come..I'm on this blog like white on stink on..(things that stink) hypocracy on shame on rush limbaugh after each you get the idea...better pick right "K-LEW"..cuz Ima burn ya next week...