Kevin Lewis is a retired NFL linebacker.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

U might not respect the Player but u have to respect Thad's Game

Thad Lewis's emergence at Duke began 3 years ago. Originally from Florida Lewis was a coveted recruit of Duke. He was brought in as a program changer. Early on , although Lewis shined, the Duke team couldn't win. The last two years Lewis and Erron Riley joined together to have the best unknown tandem in the ACC. Lewis stats up to this point have not only been the best in the ACC, but also top fifteen in most categories in the nation. Lewis had a bad couple of games in which he had an ankle injury that definitely slowed him down. But now that he's a 100%, nothing barring an injury should be able to get in his way.
Yes, Jacory Harris does play in the ACC but Lewis is better. He clearly has better numbers, but that only tells you a small part of the story. 7 out of the 8 players Jacory Hariss throws to will play in the NFL. No one Lewis throws to will probably play in the NFL. Thad Lewis has matched up against 2 of the most dominate defense's in the ACC and has ripped them. He's done this to the tune of 360,460 passing yards and 8 TD's. Lewis has had 3 games in which he threw for more than 350 yards. This guy has just hit his stride and the ACC will know his name by the end of the year because he will be the MVP of the ACC. Don't respect the player, just respect Thad's game!!

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